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The Farmer's Market Match

The East Pensacola Heights neighborhood lucks out with having the Apple Market's local and fresh produce within arm's reach. The great thing is that we are arms wide open to every neighborhood and want you to stop in. We support our local farmers from areas such as East Hill, Jay, Walnut Hill, Seminole and other surrounding areas. Our tomatoes are from Tomato Joe's and we have East Hill herbs from Lorene's. 


As we are the Farmer's Market match, we are confident in our organic fruits and vegetables selection which has grown with having organic celery, potatoes and six varieties of organic apples. These are three items specifically of the Dirty Dozen which is a half of the health conscious guide to specific produce items that should always be bought to prevent contaminant ingestion.


Not familiar with the Dirty Dozen or the Clean Fifteen, click on the links below from the Environmental World Group:

Dirty Dozen
Clean Fifteen 
EWG Executive Summary.


Other organic items that we carry are 
Butternut Squash 
Acorn Squash 
Herbs such as cilantro and parsley
and more...

Visit all the new colorful, fresh, aromatic and organized produce that's asking to be used in your kitchen. 

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